Yule in July!

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Some time ago I borrowed a catalogue from a friend of my mother’s for whom crafting pretty much is a way of life. She’s historically been incredibly supportive (as much as possible for someone I see a few times a year, at least) of my crafting endeavors, and she opens her studio during the local art tours most years, as well as being a member of a regional artists’ guild. She warmly recommended Creativ Company as a supplier, and so when I had the opportunity I had to give them a try

I was lucky on the timing, as I managed to catch them when they were both offering a 20% discount for liking their Facebook page, and free shipping without having to meet the otherwise quite high threshold for that perk.

As they don’t yet have order tracking, I spent about a week being a very twitchy child-on-Christmas-Eve and not knowing when exactly my order would arrive, until I finally got possession of my package today. Like with everything else that enters the house, this big cardboard box had to be carefully vetted by my feline keepers:

S*Raggababa Clementia with my package of crafting supplies

Opening the box up, most of the bulk is made up by wool, so despite being pretty huge it wasn’t terribly heavy. The fact that most of it was wool also means I could photograph the contents relatively easily; all that’s underneath the stuff showing in this picture is more wool:

The contents of my package from Creative Company

(As a bonus, I got a second package a day later with some stuff I’d not thought to order the first time around. I don’t have photos of this second package, but it was pretty awesome, and apparently boxes that aren’t gallons and gallons of wool go through the mail system a bit faster. Good to know! Much of the stuff from the second box will show up in some projects of mine fairly soon.)

Bottom line

Pros: Quite reasonably priced, wide selection of general crafting materials, they have a paper catalog
Cons: Can only get specific colors of wool in “harmony packs”, no order tracking, international shipping means I have to pick it up at the obnoxiously-inconveniently-located post office

I will likely not make CCHobby my primary supplier of wool, but at the very least when they run free shipping promotions, they are competitively priced, and the big order of wool I made gave me a good base selection that will tide me over for a while. They also do have the advantage that they carry a lot of the little “extras” that I’d otherwise have to hunt around for, in the cases where I want to make critters that aren’t 100% wool.

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