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While needle felting at the moment holds the position of my primary craft, I do practise other crafts. This particular one is a little bit hush-hush, and the finished product and any progress shots won’t be posted until after Christmas due to the nature of the project, just in case one of the recipients were to stumble across my blog.

I can say that it will entail sewing 12540 cross-stitches, which would average out to just over 90 stitches a day if I were to start today, by Christmas Eve at the latest. Naturally, for a project of this magnitude, with this many colors (49 different colors of floss, some of which I’ll need more than one skein of), I wanted to make sure I found the cheapest supplier I could – DMC floss is many great things, but “cheap” is not really among them.

Supplies for my mystery embroidery project

Some searching lead me to Broderama, which sells its floss at just over half of what my local yarn shop charges (I still like this yarn shop; they’ve got lovely yarns and the woman who runs it is a delight), and which also optionally sells floss in 1 m lengths for whatever colors you don’t need much of. I erred on the side of caution and only ordered the shorter lengths for anything which would require under 100 stitches, so I’ll probably have quite a bit left over once this project is done, but I’d rather do that than run out at an inopportune time.

As a bonus, I made a pretty big, pretty stupid mistake when I specified the amount of Aida weave I’d need, and the woman who runs Broderama took the time to email me and straighten it out instead of going ahead and sending me a uselessly-small piece of fabric. That’s the kind of customer service I, for one, notice and remember!

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