Definitely Not So-So!

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A while back I purchased a couple of cross-stitch kits from UK-based Sew and So. They arrived very promptly, and so I went back and ordered another few items last week. I’d put it mostly out of mind, used to international orders taking weeks to arrive, so I was pleasantly surprised to come home to find a nice padded envelope waiting for me in my mailbox.

If you live in Europe, I whole-heartedly recommend and endorse this vendor! They have an excellent selection (didn’t have the kit I first came looking for, but neither did anyone else, so I suspect that’s more due to it being from last year’s collection or something silly like that), their pricing is more than competitive (last order, I paid less than 300 SEK for four medium-small kits and one set of ziplock baggies for floss storage, including shipping – I’m used to kits being no less than 100 SEK apiece and usually more), and I’ve paid more for domestic S&H than I did for international from these guys.

It doesn’t hurt that in my experience, their delivery is only slightly slower than greased lightning, as well.

I do have some minor issues with the kits, but that’s a manufacturer rather than a vendor thing, so I’ll likely get into that in a future post at some point. (And as the resulting work will be gifts, I’m afraid this post will have to go without an image.)

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