Commission Terms



It is the commissioner’s responsibility to provide the artist with a detailed and accurate description of the desired product as well as all characters in it. While reference art is appreciated, please make sure it is uploaded to the Internet and only include URL links in your email. All unexpected emails including attachments will be deleted as a matter of safety. Desired media (digital or traditional) must also be specified.

Typical turnaround for full-size commission can be anything from two weeks up to several months depending on complexity and circumstance. If you have a date in mind, be sure to specify this from the start. If a date has not been specified, Snowfox Studios cannot be held responsible for any delays.

Use of Characters

No trademarked characters will under any circumstances be accepted as subject matter of a commission. We wish to respect intellectual property to the greatest extent possible; if you wish to include someone else’s character in your commission, please obtain their permission prior to ordering. Snowfox Studios must be able to in some way verify this permission.


Typically all full-size commissions are scanned at a low resolution and emailed to the customer for approval before inking. Con badges will only go through this approval phase if this is specifically requested before payment is made. The approval phase may extend turnaround time.

For full-size commissions, a completely new sketch will only be started one time, maximum, and revisions will only be made a maximum of three times total. After the third revision, each round of further revisions will come at an additional fee; currently 20% of the original commission price agreed-upon. E.g. a $25 commission will cost an extra $5 per revision after the third.

No revisions will normally be made after the image has been inked. Relatively minor color adjustments will be made to digitally colored images — revision restrictions apply. No further revisions will be made after the customer has approved the sketch/image.

Terms of Use etc.

Permission is granted for the commissioner to display work on his or her personal webpage provided that the image is not used commercially in any way, shape or form. The only modifications to the image allowed are resizing and thumbnailing, all other uses are prohibited. Commissioner may not create prints of the image for the purposes of selling or giving these copies to other parties. The artist reserves the right to display the art on her webpage and in online galleries. Commissioned artwork will only be made into prints or included on art CDs with the commissioner’s approval.

The intention to use any commissioned artwork commercially must be communicated beforehand and is subject to extra fees. Please email for quotes.

All artwork will be signed, no exceptions. Con badges will be signed with a small Snowfox Studios logotype in one corner, with the date and the artist’s signature on the back. Full-size artwork will have the artist’s signature and the year on the front of the work.

Snowfox studios reserves the right to refuse commissions for any reason, including but not limited to time constraints, customer behaviour or questionable subject matter. No refund will be given for work which has already been completed.