Terms of Service

All sales are final; once an item is out of my hands I do not take responsibility for it. If you would like order tracking, please let me know and I’ll confer with my local post office about cost and availability; this may increase general postage costs as well.

Flat items are shipped with a hard backing unless they are very small, stiff enough in themselves, or will not take harm from bending. Prints and originals are also slipped into a plastic binder sleeve for extra protection before shipping out. Envelopes are typically clearly marked with “DO NOT BEND” in red. Soft items are bagged up inside their box or envelope to protect them from the weather in transit.

For specific terms regarding commissioned work, go here.


Payment for items or services rendered can be made in one of the following ways:

Aside from the above, of course I also accept cash when appearing at conventions or craft shows. PayPal is preferred over AlertPay, unless the payment is for e.g. a commission whose subject matter would be in violation of PayPal’s Terms of Service. I will typically not accept barter for commissioned items with a (relatively) high material cost, such as custom embroideries or large/heavily embellished felt sculptures. All of these methods have in common that I will give you payment information when I confirm your order.


A portion of all my proceeds go towards charity, with the exception of prints, ‘zines and CD portfolios which I prefer to keep priced with low margins. My chosen charities are, in no order:

  • – for every $125 paid for by PayPal, I will make one $25 loan on Kiva.
  • ActionAid – 20% of all work paid for by cash, bank transfer or Western Union, and 10% of all work paid for by barter or AlertPay, will go towards buying goats for poor families.
  • Djurhemmet Tassebo – Proceeds from the sale of “catfish” are not donated as per the above, but rather 10 SEK for every catfish sold is donated to a cat shelter in my general area.